Frequently asked questions

Regular & Extended Licenses

What services does ONO provide?
ONO provides complete Architecture services including master planning, facility assessments, pre-bond planning, complete interior design services, programming, site evaluation and selection, cost estimating, ADA assessments, life/safety code analysis, life/cycle cost analysis, bid facilitation, construction/bidding documents, construction observation and inspection services.
Does ONO Aechitecture provide Bond Support?
Absolutely. We recognize that every Bond Campaign is different and must be tailored to the unique needs of each community. We can offer recommendations regarding the various committees that should be formed, the roles each committee should play, and a proposed timeline outlining when certain milestones should be accomplished during a Bond campaign. We can also work with each committee to create promotional materials that communicate project goals and cultivate voter participation.
What is planning permission?
For domestic properties, planning consent relates to changes in the appearance or use of buildings such as an extension to a house, or a conversion of a house into flats. Planning should not be confused with the building regulations that are entirely separate – you can find a description of these in the next section. Planning can be one of the main hurdles to clear when thinking about making changes to your home and needs to be given consideration from the start. It may be possible that your project can be done within permitted development – Architect Your Home – Interior Your Home will be able to advise you of this during your initial visit.

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What happens during the initial visit?
During the initial visit your architect/designer will spend time asking you questions and finding out what you want to achieve. They will discuss the options that you have available along with the feasibility and implications of these options. If necessary they will then take measurements of your property and sketch out a plan of your property as it currently exists. Once this is completed your architect/designer is now in a position to draw up initial design sketches to help you visualize your design and provide input. These drawings will be yours to keep so that you can refer back to them at a later date. The initial visit is designed to be an interactive session so you will be heavily involved in the process providing information about your lifestyle, your ideas and your feedback on proposed solutions. By the end of the initial visit you should be much better informed and in a position to move forward with your project.
What are building regulations?
Not to be confused with planning, the building regulations are there to ensure that buildings are made to a minimum quality standard for such things as structure, fire escape, drainage, ventilation, insulation and so on. The regulations can often seem unreasonable, but they are all there for good reasons. Building regulations matters are usually handled by building control officers in the Building Control Department of your local authority but increasingly private licenced inspectors are an alterantive. Unlike planning, there is no committee and you should not have to endure a long wait for approvals.
What drawings will I need for my builder?
The scheme-level drawings will form the backbone of the information your builder will need. However you will need to go through the drawings with your builder and architect before works start to agree the appropriate level of detail. Many builders do not need full detail drawings in order to build standard building elements. If the design contains elements that are particularly complex or unusual, it is sensible to get Architect Your Home – Interior Your Home to prepare detailed drawings of these elements. If you want more things added to the drawings or any additional help we are here to help you through the process.